Introducing continuous content improvement in radio

Programme directors, producers and editors are transforming the way radio industry thinks about audience research. Radio professionals using Voizzup are extracting insights about listeners’ engagement at a pace and scale never seen before. Voizzup is an innovative way of evaluating spoken content in radio that enables you to monitor the health of your shows on a daily basis.

Bolder, more creative and more agile radio professionals

And now, also Voizzup for Podcasts


Our API collects robust and meaningful data from your existing mobile apps by capturing every listener’s interactions.


An intuitive data visualisation that helps you better understand the performance of your on-air contents .

Continuous improvement

Continuous insights allow faster learning cycles, a safe environment for experimentation and continuous improvement.

When on-air content evaluation gets easier, increasing listeners’ time spent listening is simpler.

For radio professionals, the first step to improve TSL and therefore market share is understanding their audience. Learn what your listeners find most engaging, as your content goes on air. No need to recruit samples, design questionnaires or rely on the perception of eight people.

Thousands of listeners tracked minute by minute, means more granular data. And more meaningful results.

The biggest challenge spoken content evaluation in radio faces is consistency. In traditional studies just a few people are interviewed, a few times per year. The growing radio listening figures on mobile phones mean that mobile apps can gather data in bigger numbers than ever. Reactions can be collected continuously, minute by minute, as people listen naturally. The outcome is much more robust and granular results.

Taking on-air content evaluation in radio out of the lab environment and into natural listening.

You no longer have to rely on the perceptions voluntarily expressed by the participants of a focus group or an auditorium test. Instead, you can collect millions of spontaneous reactions from listeners during their tuning time. Your mobile apps will become a source of information that’s more objective than any traditional methodology. Bolder radio professionals translates into more brilliant content.

Voizzup lets you see the invisible

All topics get burnt, but not at the same pace. Only assessing daily you can give each topic the right exposure.

Is your audience loving what the participants of your last focus group said would seldom like? Don’t blame them, they are just shy in public. Rely on what your listeners do, not on what they say.

Social networks and listeners’ engagement are not always aligned. Controversy might be helping you become viral, while pushing a third of your audience away.

You’ll want it every day… And you’ll get it!

Clear KPI

TSL, Reach, Engagement, Tune-ins, Tune-outs.

Customised dashboard

No, not only the logo! Tailored to your specific needs.

Graphs at several resolutions

Zoom in, zoom out… From weekly up to the minute.

Integrated audio player

It gives context to your performance metrics.

List of best and worst moments

Finding most relevant moments in the show is quick&easy!

Week and Day user views

For evaluating either today’s show or the entire week.

Intuitive show and day navigation

Move through time, compare and measure progress.

Join Voizzup now and check the health of your radio show daily.

Jose angel Liso

Our algorithm magician

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