CHR: Safe is risky

Safe is risky. It is in business, in sports, in love… And it is in radio as well, especially in one format: CHR.

If you are a CHR Programme Director you already know playing safe is not an option:

  • You can’t play those songs that always perform well. Your station needs to introduce brand new music, and be the first.
  • Your morning show hosts can’t keep talking about what was trending in Twitter a couple of days ago. They need to surprise the audience, doing the unexpected.
  • You won’t beat your competitors with old-school promotions. You need to give your listeners an “oh-wow”, one that is worth talking about.

How does it feel playing with fire every day? How do you overcome fear to fail? Feel free to comment.

Voizzup introduces Lean Audience Research: air, measure, learn. We turn every on air content into a measured experiment, accelerating learning cycles and managing risk.

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